What are the effects occur when you throw Rubbish or Garbage anywhere

What are the effects occur when you throw Rubbish or Garbage anywhere

What are the effects occur when you throw Rubbish or Garbage anywhere

Garbage Thrown on the Roads and Public Places

Throwing garbage on the roads and the public place looks very
bad, But it hurts animals, Plants and Everyone of you.
When you throw rubbish on the roads and public place instead
of dustbin or garbage bin, so it is called littering.
The trash or rubbish on the ground and public place is
called litter.
All of this may cause pollution.

First rubbish is bad and harmful for human health.

Some common effects that we are facing nowadays;

Soil Pollution:

Soil pollution is a part of land degradation is caused by the
presence of human-made chemicals and other waste and rubbish
in the natural soil environment. it is typically and main caused by the
industrial activity’ agricultural chemicals, or improper
garbage or rubbish on the roads and public places also.
Soil pollution may harmful to human, animals and especially
for crops.


Air pollution:

Air pollution occurs when excessive quantities of substances and
gasses in the air. This is because of the car emission,
chemicals from factories and dust etc.
Ozon a gas is a major part of air pollution in cities.
When Ozon forms air pollution, it’s called smog.
It may cause diseases such as allergies and even death to humans.
It may also harmful for animals and food crops and may
damage the natural or built environment.



Water Pollution:

Water pollution is the pollution of bodies of water, such as lakes,
rivers, seas, the oceans, as well as groundwater. Water pollution
occurs when the pollutants reach these bodies of water, without
treatment. I may cause that the waste from homes, factories,
and buildings get into the water bodies.
It may also harmful for humans & living things. Water Pollution
cause germs that cause disease such as hepatitis and cholera etc.
disease caused by water pollution can cause many types
disease caused by water pollution diarrheal disease, including Cholera,
and other many serious diseases like illness Guinea worm Disease.
water-related disease cause 3.4 million deaths each year.
There are Six sources of water pollution,

  1. Domestic effluents and sewage,
  2. Industrial effluents,
  3. Agricultural effluents,
  4. radioactive wastes,
  5. Thermal pollution,
  6. Oil Pollution.

Marine pollution

Marine Pollution occurs when harmful effects result from
the entry into the ocean of chemicals, rubbish, garbage,
industrial, agricultural, and residential waste and
noise.80% of marine pollution comes from land.





Plastic pollution:

Plastic pollution is the accumulation of plastic objects such as
plastic bottles, plastic bags, and much more things.
In the Earth’s environment that adversely affects wildlife,
Wildlife is called habitat and humans.
If we burn the plastic it will be the most dangerous can be
caused by burning plastic containing organic-lor-based
substances like PVC. When you burn such plastic thing then
the harmful quantities of dioxins, a group of high toxin
chemicals are emitted.
Dioxins are the most toxic to the human organisms.

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