Pakistani Prodigies Who Made the Pakistan Proud

Pakistani Prodigies Who Made the Pakistan Proud

Pakistani Prodigies Who Made the Pakistan Proud

Pakistan is blessed with great talent.

1.Ayan Qureshi
(World’s youngest Microsoft Certified Professional)

Ayan Qureshi was born on 24 February 2009 in Lahore. and his family
moved to England from Pakistan.
Ayan Qureshi has his own computer lab at home in Coventry.
He spends his two hours daily in his lab for learning the Microsoft
Operating system.

Award & nominations

in January 2015, Qureshi was nominated for the Young Achiever award at
the British Muslim Award.


2.Muhammad Hamza Shahzad
(World’s Qualified Computer Programmer)

Muhammad Hamza Shahzad is a genius boy. he knows that the paperwork to leave
the primary school and get a lucrative job in IT at the age of just seven-year-old
In the 6-year-old a British Pakistani has been added to the list of prodigies that
make our nation proud. hamza scoring 757marks out of the required marks of 700 at the
Qualified test and become a Microsoft Certified Professional at the age of 6 years old
Muhammad Hamza Shahzad said the Birmingham Mail recently
“I want to be Bill Gates.”


3.Arfa Karim
(World’s youngest Microsoft Certified Professional)

Arfa Abdul Karim Randhawa (2February1995-14January2012).
She was a Pakistani student and Computer prodigy at the age of nine
years old. She makes a Pakistan proud. Arfa represented Pakistan on different forums including the
TechEd Developers Conference. Arfa Karim was invited by Bill Gated to visit
Microsoft headquarters in the United States. She died at the age of 16.


4.Haris Khan
(Youngest Smartphone App Developer)

Now the days, when the children would play.
Haris khan mostly caught on computers playing, learning.
Haris khan is one such a kid who at the age of 10 years old
has been honored with the title of Youngest
Smartphone App Developer in the world.His game
‘Super Soccer Kicks’ is available on Apple’s App Store.
and his game works on Apple’s iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


5.Sumail Hassan
(Evil Geniuses)

Syed Sumail Hassan was born on February 13, 1999, in Karachi.
Sumail is a Pakistani professional Dota 2 player for Evil Geniuses.
Sumail Hassan first started playing Duta when he was seven years old.
Smail was a member of the team that won The international2015

6.Babar Iqbal
Youngest(CIWA), (CWNA), (MSP), (MCTS)

Babar Iqbal Is the youngest Microsoft Professional at the age of 9 years old.
and he is also a youngest Certified Internet Web Associate, Youngest
Certified Wireless Network Administrator, Youngest Microsoft Student partner
Youngest Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist in Net.
And He is also a youngest to published his first research paper on
digital forensic science approved by 8th IEEE International Conference
on Innovations in Information Technology.


7.Zaid Siddique
(International EOlympaid of English Language)

Zaid Siddique a student of II class. He participated in International
Olympiad of English Language event and got the first position.
he made the nation proud.


8.Mehak Gul
(Women Candidate Master)

Mehak Gul was born on 2000.
She is won the title of Women Candidate Master at 42nd Chess Olympiad.
She is the youngest Pakistani won the title. She held the world record
for arranging a chessboard in forty-five seconds


9.Laraib Atta
(Professional VFX artist)

Laraib Atta is the daughter of Attaullah Khan.
Laraib Atta is a professional VFX artist. She hails from Isakhel, Mianwali,
Punjab, Pakistan. She has been quietly making her way in Hollywood as a
Visual effects artist.
She stepped into Hollywood at the age of 19. At the age of 16 years old she got
first Hollywood film project, Johny’s Depp’s Todd, 10,000BC, and then the
Chronides of Namia.


10.Muhammad Huzair Awan
(Word’s Youngest Microsoft Certified Professional)

Muhammad Huzair Awan was born on 5 June 2006.
He is a cyber Kid. He is a Pakistani Information Technology Prodigy and Public Speaker.
He is the youngest Microsoft Certified Professional at the age of seven
years old. He starts his interest in Microsoft from games.


11.Zidane Hamid
(Microsoft Certified Professional)

Zidane Hamid was born on 3 January 2010. He is a Pakistani child Prodigy.
He started delivering the lecture at schools and colleges at the age of 3
and half years. He passed the Microsoft Certified Professional in 2015.
He makes the nation Proud.


12.Shafay Thobani
(World’s Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist)

Shafay Thobani was born on 13 March 2004. He started learning Computer at the age
of 4 years old. He became the World’s Youngest Microsoft Certified
Technology Specialist at the age of 8 years old

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