Biography of Salim Ghauri

Biography of Salim Ghauri

Biography of Salim Ghauri

Salim Ghauri
A Pakistani Bill Gate,Pride of Pakistan

He is the founder & CEO of NetSol Technologies Limited (1996). He is a Game Changer in Pakistani IT Industry. His courage, motivation and dedication have been prominent to him in the world including Pakistan in the field of Information Technology. He bootstrapped his company all the way to IPO

His company has a global recognition as a leading supplier of IT software & solutions.

He is also a Former Chairman of Software Houses Association for IT & ITES in Pakistan. He is also the author and he wrote his book that is


” Nothing to Everything”


Mr. Ghauri has very Inspirational Success Story. He is a true Patriot. He thinks and struggles for Pakistan holds its own leading IT platform. His success story receives a tremendous appreciation

Yes, it is correct that Salim Ghauri is known as Pakistani Bill Gates in the world.


P@sha is a Software house Association for IT and ITES.P@sha is founded in 1992, start to promote and develop
the software industry in pakistan.P@sha won the award ICT(information and communication technology).
Salim Ghauri success story is appreciated. Salim Ghauri is an inspirational to
Millions Pakistani and another country of youngsters. Saleem Ghuari is as a friend that
who will guide you on a right path. He is also involved in social activities and
welfare. He is observed by visiting various type of Educational Institute of both
rural and urban area to encourage and motivate the people. Salim Ghauri is a motivator
struggled man and succeed in the field of IT and ITES.
Salim success story isn’t a overnight. Salim Ghauri had the same tough testing time and
operate very pressure methodologies to make it work. His attention to the higher tech
ecosystem is the result of several years of painstaking efforts.

Salim Ghauri “Says”

“We show our energy
  How we respond”

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