Biography of Qasim Ali Shah

Biography of Qasim Ali Shah

Biography of Qasim Ali Shah

Qasim Ali Shah

Qasim Ali Shah is a Professional Speaker, Writer, and Trainer of Pakistan.
He was born on 25 December 1980 out of a little town of District Gujrat, Punjab.
His family moved to Lahore when he was yet a child. Qasim Ali Shah did his F.Sc
from the Government Islamia college, And then he was doing Engineering from the
University of Engineering & Technology.
After completing his Engineering, Qasim Ali Shah did the exam in
CSS (Central Superior Services). Qasim Ali Shah also delivers an inspirational
and experienced lecturer, unlike any other person. Qasim Ali Shah has a rare ability
to solve and develop a highly strong rapport with his audience. he has a unique
methodology of combining conventional wisdom and research with real life. He has
won respect from every person who knows him.

Qasim Ali Shah “tells”

“His Mother Is Also a Motivational and Inspirational Women. And She is also merciful.
He learned from his Mother also. She Helps him In Every field of life”.

Qasim Ali Shah is known for his remarkable debating abilities. He conveys
abilities on assorted classification, knowledge, Child raring, Self Awareness
Satisfactions, polished methodology etc. He has made 100+ videos on the
social issues and identify how to improve in educational life, Social life,
and in every field of life.
He is also an author,

He has composed five books

(1)Kamyabi ka Pagham

(How to become too successful)

(2) Zara num ho

( Quotes & Motivational Verses)

(3) Apka bacha b kamyab ho skta hy

( Guide for parents)

(4) bari manzil ka Musafir


(5) Apni talash

(Self Discovery)

Qasim Ali Shah has also hosted a successful and inspirational Radio Program
manzil ka Musafir and started new program ” Goftgo with Qasim Ali Shah.

Qasim Ali Shah “says”

“Reson behind
of your

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